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Who We Are

Rival Group is a nimble, fast-paced and cohesive team of passionate strategists, designers, and engineers, influencing the next wave of innovation by enabling visionaries to convert, invert, and subvert in their industries.

Build a 10x better product than the current market leader and create the canonical platform to take market share.
Take an existing business model where customers tolerate points of friction, and resolve those agitations by inverting the model.
Remove the middle man and the barriers of entry to equalize the playing field.
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The Origin of Our Confidence

Rival Group has led 5 startups to acquisition. Seize our purview on converting your vision into a liquid venture.
Engineered AllPaws, one of the world’s leading pet adoption engines, helping over 200,000 pets meet their match.
Secured 25% of competitor’s market share with the first platform to deliver money, photos and letters to prisoners.

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In-House Tech

Our Original Hypotheses

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Launched January 2016
Covetier is a real-time, cross platform compatible, fault-tolerant search engine technology that scours the web in seconds to return comprehensive results on any product query.


The Honor is Ours

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