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Man Hoang

Founder / CEO

Man Hoang has been a tech wizard and engineering master since he was just a curious young teen. Man developed a proprietary cryptographic algorithm, was appointed Chief Architect and Engineer at a competitive development firm, and sold a social media network called, all before college. With his years of engineering success, coupled with a keen business sense and a passion to engage on projects at every touch-point from ideation to implementation, Man has now entered the service-based industry to help support companies of any size to compete, grow and lead in the digital age, influencing the next wave of innovation. To accomplish this, Man and his team enable visionaries to convert, invert and subvert in their industries, creating infinitely scalable products with actionable strategy to compete in the tech era and become the leading rival in your industry.

Formerly known to work closely with successful founders and entrepreneurs as an engineer and advisor, Man has founded Rival Group in 2017 to provide a holistic approach to client engagement, eliminating points of friction in both products and businesses processes, through strategy, product design, engineering and growth for a full-cycle, quality assured experience.

AT AGE 17, Man built the entirety of, a social network for graphic designers in Europe, complete with blog posts, a central news feed, job listings, portfolio galleries, and friending functionality, and sold it to a global advertising agency only 18 months after launch.
AT AGE 18, Man created his own proprietary cryptographic algorithm, file sharing network and computer virus out of a sense of curiosity and adventure.
AT AGE 19, Man was appointed Chief Architect and Lead Engineer at pLot Multimedia Developers, where he created Bureau, a turn-key framework for building eCommerce and social networks, and developed web applications for top celebrities, including Jay-Z and Bob Harper.
AT AGE 20, Man co-founded, the first platform allowing users to send money, letter, and photos to inmates, which was successfully acquired by the prominent leader in the commissary market.
AT AGE 22, Man worked at SNAP Interactive, where he built a photo moderation system processing over 3 million photos each day.
AT AGE 23, Man built an infinitely scalable, cross device instant messaging platform for Facebook’s largest dating app, which supported 23 million messages per day from 90 million users.
AT AGE 25, Co-founder of, a pet adoption search engine & iOS application, which was acquired by PetSmart in October 2016.
CURRENTLY, Founder of &

Rival Group is called "RIVAL" because since at a young age, Man did whatever it took to reverse engineer a competitor's tech. Carrying that momentum into the service industry is Man's way to commoditize and illuminate the precious agility and trade secrets of the tech industry, to incite more competition in the economy.

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