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Utilizing a heavily optimized search index, users can perform a faceted search from a database of over 150,000 pets.

The platform imports from various data providers and provides a robust set of tools for on-site shelters and rescues to manage their pet details. Users can create profiles for their pets, join a passionate community of new and old pet owners, and make direct inquiries with adoption organizations.

Challenge: The pre-existing pet adoption search engines were built using decades old technology and had outdated functionality and UX/UI.

Solution: Engineered AllPaws to modernize pet adoption primarily by creating a frictionless search experience, innovating the pet adoption experience, and creating the ultimate lead generation funnel for pet supply companies. Became the #1 pet adoption search engine with 3M page views a month.

Key Wins:
• Created the first universal pet adoption application and custom algorithm for an adopter acceptability score. For the first time ever, users will never have to repeat personal details and fill out multiple applications when adopting pets.
• Achieved #1 pet adoption iOS app with 4.5/5 star rating on iOS.
• Implemented the modern idea of swipe left/right for adoptable pets to make pet adoption relevant again.
• Open rate of AllPaws emails is 31% (compared to industry rate of 20%.) Email click rate is 8% (compared to industry rate of 3%.) Email bounce rate is 0.03% (compared to industry rate of 8-10%.) has been the category exclusive sponsored party of PetSmart, Pet360, Royal Canin and other large players in the pet supplies industry.

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