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HyperVocal ("HV") is a social news web platform that publishes the most viral, trending news articles. The news feed posts are automated through a proprietary algorithm using a real-time Node.JS ingestion server. Users are able to create their own custom newsfeed through the preference settings to indicate the time, and category of when they would like to receive the daily newsletter.

Challenge: Content is now key for driving traffic for various enterprises, but content platforms require the overhead of paid editors and have to fight against the constant friction of posting outdated, irrelevant news.

Solution: Rival Group created HyperVocal as a news aggregator that tracks trending news in real-time and provides relevant, well-written articles without human interference.

Key Wins:
• Created a real-time ingestion of news links posted by Twitter influencers by tracking the virality of each link.
• Allowed users to create a custom newsletter based on their preferences.
• Currently brokering a multitude of white label solutions.

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